Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Moderation

“In Moderation”

It is very rare that we come across individuals nowadays who live life in moderation. We hear this time and again: we could eat this, drink that, buy those, work out—if in moderation. But when the whole box is in front of you, why “just have one?”

First thing’s first: it isn’t just about controlling yourself. It’s more than just discipline of the mind. For those lucky few who can see life in the “gray” and not in black and white, it’s a little easier to “just have one.” But for the rest of us, it means understanding why “just one” might do much more for you than only fitting into those skinny jeans year after year. “Just one,” will change you forever.

It occurred to me while I was taking a relaxing bath that I was definitely in the water for way too long. I realized I actually had to thaw myself out of the water, which was previously nice and warm. And it isn’t too sexy when your fingers suddenly look like shriveled prunes. Moderation, I thought. Do I do ANYTHING in moderation? I can’t even bathe without making it into an ordeal! Is this me or is it every woman? For awhile, I thought I was the crazy, paranoid, hypochondriac living in my own delusions until one day, I found myself in a biochemistry class… FULL OF WOMEN. Then I realized that we're all nuts—and it’s great!

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