Monday, February 27, 2006

Eating Contests

My friend, Raven, and I were watching Nathan's Famous Hot dog Eating Contest and all of the work that goes into it prior to competition. In one word: it's INTENSE. There is a method to the madness, or as I like to put it, an art to "stuffing one's face."

The good competitors know that they need to adequately prepare their stomachs for the massive quantities of food that will enter into it. This means inflating it with excessive amounts of water, fibrous foods, and anything else that distends the stomach.

Kobayashi, aka "The Tsunami," secured his fifth straight win on July 4, 2005, by consuming 49 Nathan's Famous hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. Although he weighs in at only 144 pounds, he has mastered the art of food stuffing. According to Kobayashi, this is because he is an ultra fitness and health buff. He believes that in order for his body to metabolize and stuff in the food, he needs to be in excellent condition.

Okay, is it me, or... WHEN DID SOMEONE NEED TO BE ULTRA FIT TO STUFF THEIR FACE PROPERLY???????? Call me bizarre, but isn't ultra fat more fitting??????

I was also under the impression that larger individuals do not have proper amounts of the hormone "leptin," (from the Greek leptos, meaning thin) which is involved in the important effects in regulating body weight, metabolism and reproductive function. So, wouldn't Kobayashi's lean, muscular body have lots of this hormone???? Wouldn't his body physically be unable to consume as much as the 280 lb pack of meat to his right???

In any case, I guess our bodies have physical limits. Some have seemingly transgressed these, h0wever.


Douglas Cress said...

There's no way Kobayashi is going to metabolize 49 hot dogs:

15,000 calories
1000 grams of fat
1100 grams carbs
500 grams protein

I don't care what condition you are in. You'll find 90% of that meal in the toilet(s) the next day.

Douglas Cress said...

Incidentally, I eat nearly as much fiber a day as he got in that entire meal.

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