Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two favorite sites of the day:

Grocery Store Wars.. Join the Organic Rebellion

Look closely...


Douglas Cress said...

From The MyPyramid Site:

"Physical Activity:
Amount of moderate or vigorous activity (such as playing video games, standing up to change the channel or walking to your car) you do in addition to your normal daily routine, most days."

Phew!! Rough day today. I was playing video games pretty much all morning and afternoon. Well, around 6pm, I lost the friggin remote! (just my luck right) I had to get up to change the channel. Later that evening I walked to my car and got a DVD my friend lent me. Remoteless, I had to get up to start the DVD, and eject it once done.

I called it quits around 10pm and went to sleep.

Marissa Beck said...

WOW, you had one grueling day. You must be glad it's all behind you. Just hearing about it has encouraged me to sit my ass on the couch a little more... Hopefully you made sure to supplement it with refined grains and high fructose treats for an added bonus.

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