Friday, August 18, 2006

Gym Woes

While I was rowing, I couldn’t concentrate because of a rotund woman [with what seemed like hotdog rolls for ankles] on a nearby elliptical machine. Slowly bopping up and down, she tilted her head in my direction and revealed an enormous toothy grin. I tried not to look over at her; however, that required some severe tilting of my neck to the left, which would not only cause a strain, but also make me look like an idiot. I couldn’t imagine what was so funny watching me row. Rowing is typically not a very humorous activity. I got up off of my machine, no longer able to ‘bear the stare.’ I hopped on a bike adjacent to the woman’s elliptical. I looked out toward the rowing machine—maybe there was a ‘kick me’ sign or a beehive under the wheel… All I could see was Conan on the TV above. And low and behold… I grinned.

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