Monday, September 25, 2006

Roasted Walnut Oil

The best thing you will ever eat, is Trader Joe's Roasted Walnut Oil. Hands DOWN. This morning, I poured some of this nutty-tasting, clear, light oil all over my spelt and bulgur wheat (best results come from pre-soaking the bulgur the night before, and pre-cooking the spelt either day of or night before). The walnut oil and grain consistency is heavenly. But Trader's Roasted Walnut Oil is incredible with almost anything. I soaked the remainder of a piece of bread in some of this stuff and it tastes better than any oil I've ever tried. Plus, it's healthy!! Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. I've acclimated my tastebuds to the oily alcholic taste of flaxseed oil, which is also a great source of the omega-3's, but if you're not a fan of flax or fish oils, and don't seem to enjoy chomping on whole walnuts, Roasted Walnut Oil is the answer. I could also see this oil pairing well with a vegetable salad, or mixing it in a tuna or chicken salad. You must buy Roasted Walnut Oil immediately. I have yet to try a different brand because the first time I ever experienced Roasted Walnut Oil was only two days ago when I purchased it from Trader's. No matter the brand, I don't think I will ever have a cabinet devoid of Roasted Walnut Oil again!


greenspree said...

I just googled roasted walnut oil because I just got some for Christmas and love it so much I need to find a supply of it for the future!

What a delicious oil for salad dressings! I had for lunch today leftover wild rice mixed with walnuts, tomato, celery, cilantro and feta with lemon juice and roasted walnut oil and it is heaven!

Hoping to find a store that stocks it here in eastern Canada!

Marissa Beck said...

Greenspree - YES! Isn't it the best thing ever? I use it in my veggies all of the time and it always makes the dish turn out to be outrageous.

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