Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Remembered High

Today I ran. Today I ran and it felt amazing. I felt like I had been running for months now. It's as though everything clicked today, and I'm back from the dead. I think a week of alternative exercise (skiing) and proper recovery plus keeping fitness levels high w/ cross-training and wt-training has aided in this revival. I ran on the treadmill at 6.0, and increased in increments, up to 6.5. I ran 3 mi in 30min. Although this is a huge gap in what I used to do at 7.5-8.5, I am very proud of myself for being able to keep the speed low & not feel the impulsive or competitive urge to increase the number. I stretched for 15 minutes post exercise. I did not feel the accompanying burning sensations in my quad, knee or hip later on in the day. I felt refreshed, rejuvinated, renewed. I feel like a runner again.


Douglas Cress said...

I ran again today. Twenty miles - I just couldn't stop.

I cranked the treadmill up to 9.5 - 10. I couldn't control myself.

My quad started burning again, but I thought it best to run through the pain.

I was late for class so I had no time to stretch.

All in all it feels great to be back.


Marissa Beck said...


"Almost every morning I ate a thicky, creamy bowl of eight grain cereal..."

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