Friday, February 27, 2009


First, it was bulgar wheat. Then pomegranates. Now BLACK GARLIC is gonna ROCK your world. It's the new "in" food, but not according to me (because I have yet to try it).

The Washington Post recently wrote an article about the flavorful little bulb and its rise to the top of the food-fad hierarchy. Luckily, I suppose if this new member's going to be the next best thing to "Special K Protein Water," at least it has a heavy bag of health benefits.

People are eating it up, not just literally. Type 'black garlic' into google and the search is endless. is the company that first show-cased black garlic, facilitating its migration from South Korea to the western world. Black Garlic Inc. was formed last year in Hayward, California. As the sole manufacturer and supplier in the United States, the company has a nice monopoly. Restaurants have been demanding this root veggie and food bloggers, alike, are raving about it.

According to the Washington Post, the taste is sweet with licorice, the texture chewy. The pungent garlic flavor isn't as strong in this species, which I can see being a great way to have your garlic and eat it too :)

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Anonymous said...

This company is amazing. They've created an entirely new product and then positioned themselves to own the entire market.

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