Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Woes

Hello to my devoted reader(s):

As you probably know, my website was down for a few days because I decided to pretend like I knew where I was going in the foreign country, HTMLand. Humbled, scared and cold, I left that magical world of widgets and canonibalism and came back to my quiet copy & edit abode. It isn't exactly a party here now, but it's better than playing piano on my computer keyboard and praying for a miracle to happen to the interface. Anyway, I'm home!


Your Bloggerissa

(Me when I found out I lost my blog!)

or better...

(Me when I played in HTMLand)

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My personal blog here at Blogger is still going to remain intact; however, please visit my new website,, which will host more nutrition topics (because obviously you just can't get enough!)