Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spinning with Erin

Erin, my spin instructor, has no idea that I am writing about her. But maybe one day she'll read my blog. Firstly, she is incredible. I pretty much want to be her best friend, but again, if she reads my blog... maybe... Secondly, Erin is so kickBUTT that even a lazy-drag-your-feet-Charlie-Brown would go absolutely insane in her class. So of course, one can only imagine the tachycardia that my body experiences when I am exposed to her. For one, her legs move so quickly that I almost have a heart attack just watching. Cut, defined arms and tight body, the woman knows how to work it. She sets the bar high, and if you miss a beat (literally miss a beat... think Rozalla: Everybody's Free) then you might as well pack up and go. For those who think spinning is a form of weaving on a loom: think again. Think cycling, think fast, and think sweat. It's everything your body wants and craves. Especially when Erin is at the helm!

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lol :)

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