Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Website Recently Launched

Check out http://www.fitscoop.com/, a website that connects fitness-minded people in a blog-like community. Registered users can evaluate various fitness activities, give advice and promote their own businesses, too. The site looks like it will become a handy resource for both novice and veteran fitness enthusiasts and a great place where people can come in order to find new ways to start moving!


Ross Weinstein said...


Thanks for the post! Fit Scoop is phase I of a bigger idea to help people figure out what they enjoy doing in order to get fit and be healthy.

The current site, http://www.fitscoop.com, allows people to post interesting articles in a variety of categories, ask advice from the community, and comment on existing articles and questions.


Fit Scoop

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty cool idea. All I do is read women's magazines, I'll have to try this site.

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