Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Sperm = Good nutrition!

A recent study suggests that men consuming excessive amounts of processed meat and full-fat dairy have poorer sperm quality. They found higher-quality sperm in men who consumed more fruits, vegetables and skim milk.

Thirty Spanish men with poor semen quality (cases) were measured against 31 normospermic control couples. Diets were recorded using a food frequency questionnaire and semen parameters and hormone levels were analyzed.

The controls had a higher intake of skimmed milk, shellfish, tomatoes, and lettuce, and the cases consumed more yogurt, meat products, and potatoes. The cases also had lower intake of lettuce and tomatoes, fruits (apricots and peaches), and significantly higher intake of dairy and meat processed products.

The study concluded that the frequent intake of meat products or milk may negatively affect semen quality in humans, whereas some fruits or vegetables may maintain or improve semen quality.

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