Sunday, April 19, 2009

Product Shout-Out

I need to mention a flax company that makes me want to holler "I LOVE FLAXMEAL" from my fire escape. I flax my food up everyday with "Flax & Company's Original ground flaxmeal" and I think it's grrrrEAT! Flaxmeal doesn't have a taste but it feels like you have little hair shavings all over your food. Well NOT WHEN YOU USE FLAX & COMPANY! The type I like is mixed with ground sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almond and pumpkin seeds, so it makes whatever you're sprinkling, tossing, blending or baking delicioso. The company needs to hire me, because they're getting free promotion here... Thing is, flax usually has a greater n-3:n-6 ratio, but this product has an n-3:n-6 of 3300mg:4360mg. It's due to the nut combination they chose, so I think I might write to the company and ask them to add more walnuts in their mix to topple the omega balance.


Marissa Beck said...

Follow-up: earlier today, I contacted the company and promptly heard back from the President of Matilda's Kitchen, Heather Bonnefond. She is not sure why walnuts aren't added to the mix but will look into the situation.

Additionally- she wanted me to mention to my Bloggers that the product is now available on Amazon.

I purchased my Flax & Co at Health Nuts on the UWS; it is also available at Fairway.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mariss!!

Marissa Beck said...

Thanks, Doug :)

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