Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rhyming on the train with a little vino in your tums

There's something called wine,
it comes from the vine,
it happens to warm up your throat!
It makes you feel older,
ur no longer colder,
u wish u could sober your goat!
Your goat? Your goat?
But what in the world'd u just wrote?
I once had a tiger, made out of fiber
but not like the type in your colon.
My tiger would stare
while I'd go do my hair
and he'd watch me, too, when I spoke.
Sometimes I rhyme, do it all the time,
comes out, easy, no prob.
It's fun, u know, to rhyme as u go,
as long as it ain't on the job.


Anonymous said...

YO Marissa!

So you think you can rhyme, because you do it all the time?

This takes practice see..
Like going fast on a downhill ski.

I'm the rap master,
I can battle faster

This IS fun
Putting vino in my tum
Ironing my pants
I water my plants

While you get a tan
I drink soda out this can
and think about a plan

Marissa Beck said...

I'm fast, I hear it,
It's easy for me
I speak in dactylic hexameter naturally
While you iron pants and sippa da can
I rap, write, and chat, frying eggs in a pan.
What's your plan got to do w/ me?
I got a plan
Spinnin my words like a spider's silk hand
I got a plan
Walkin the town like I'm queena the land
And still findin time for the friends and fam
That's right don't mess.
I'm the rhymin woMAN.

Anonymous said...

A rhymin woMAN you may be,
But can you rap and swing from a tree?

I can because I'm dope
and I know how to tie a rope.

I was born with twine in my hands,
While other kids played in the sand

Why's this relevant? I dont know
When I rap, I just flow.

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